10+ Best Funny Parenting Hacks Ever 2017

17 thoughts on “10+ Best Funny Parenting Hacks Ever 2017”

  1. Why am I watching this I don’t even have a kid
    Also as a kid I had both Barbies and toy cars. My dad really wanted a son so he bought me cool car toys! XD
    Also, for some fucking reason I’ll never understand thid. I saw a person using a stability ball as a seat (this was in an office where I was scheduled to see a lawyer)
    Also for the show hack, won’t they just feel the sole be uneven and take their shoes off in public?

  2. Horrible advice. You might want to reinforce gender roles or your kid will be come out of the closet before kindergarten and be planning a sex change by 1st grade. I’m sorry, “gender reassignment”

  3. So Basically I learned less then nothing because either these ideas I knew from experience in child care or are sort of pointless. “putt a pool noodle on your door so you can’t close it. Some of theses are common sense the rest are more stupid then anything. What kid is gonna understand shit about carbon emissions? “endless whiteboard”, I hope you guys realise white boards come with things called erasers. If you get permanant marker on it there are pretty easy methods to get it off too. Also as a gamer myself, I can tell you from experience the old “unplugged old controller” tactic has never worked. The only “hack” I found actually interesting/something I wouldn’t think of was the idea of a dvd case for pens and pencils. Many of these things I find pointless, negatively impacting, or in generally would work on a kid. Also about the gender issue. Why are you bothering to create social constructs on your kids at an age like that? You should be tearing those down. And then when they wake up in their teenage years you let them explore themselves. apart from that the idea of social constructs should be irrelavent how kids play.

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