10 Hacks For Raising Toddlers | Jaimie From Millennial Moms

25 thoughts on “10 Hacks For Raising Toddlers | Jaimie From Millennial Moms”

  1. Love this:)Have used many of these with my boys:)
    sometimes its hard to remember to laugh it off, but sure does pay off:)

  2. As a mom of six 13 and under I love your tips and to be honest they are tips for any age child. My 13 yr old will suddenly get emotional (tantrum) in the grocery store. It’s just as frustrating having a big pouting human being following you around as having a screaming toddler. Keep up the good work!

  3. great video thanks for the tips. I’ve found out with my 3 kids that when i talk to them with love they will respond better than when I’m giving them the serious talk/voice.

  4. I don’t have children yet. I’m 20 years old, but I wanted to see this video to help me with my children in the future. thank you for advices!

  5. Chore idea is a great idea. I might do that. I dont have a dishwasher. But when I move and I do get one, Ill do this idea

  6. thank you for doing this video it has helped me understand things that I didn’t before and has also made me feel that I am not on my own so thank you 😊

  7. awesome video, amazing tips that will turn my mad house into a fun house tomorrow! thank-you for posting and putting toddler perspective into the equation…

  8. I dont think this is a hack.. a hackis like organizing or what do you do when they have a tantrum..everything that was stated is just something that every parent should already be doing..

  9. Im a stay at home dad of a 1 yr 7month old and a 7 month old girls….this video has really made things clear for me. Im used to utilizing military training that I was brought up on.

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