1. I have moody,perfections,over crital,compare me to over kids,my parents fight in front,they abuse me,and make fun of me say they want me to die or go away. So my parents fucked up real bad

  2. They would compare me to my siblings. I would even doubt myself. I would even tell big lies because they would just over reacting when I tell the truth or they won’t believe me. They just expected too much

  3. I grew up opposite of those and im already suffering from anger issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, lack of communication, afraid of making the slightest mistake, staying away from others, problems with connection to reality, and problems with trust. I grew up getting spanked many times, only humiliated once, been compared to students that i find as strangers, been yelled at many times, been forced to do something, even i was tortured by my teachers because i dont do work. One day they threatened me to tell my parents to bring all my electronics to my school and then keep them until i get work done. *WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY* Also, i always have been thinking about doing illegal things and turning against others. *Reply to me if there is any advice on solving my life issues*

  4. #8 is my problem, my mom says i should be allowed to express myself, but she always tells me im wrong when i do, it’s like i have no right to have an opinion

  5. This is everything wrong with “top ten list videos”. A dangerously poor understanding of psychology, a subscription to a stock photo website (why make a video on a video platform when you can make a slideshow?), and a voiceover that sounds like a bot that doesn’t understand the language it’s speaking in. Ug.

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