10 Psychology Problems That Might Be Caused By Parents

20 thoughts on “10 Psychology Problems That Might Be Caused By Parents”

  1. My dads words
    I love you more than anything
    Maybe you can do some homework
    I’m sorry I get angry at you
    Your the best singer in your school
    I’ll always love you

    My dad is so sweet ^-^

  2. I legit can’t feel any emotions in my brain and base my emotions of other people like if they did that when they were sad I am and I am doing that that must mean I feel sad but have recently noticed that some of my emotions come out as phiycpsimatic sry can’t spell so guilt = stomach pain and vomiting and stress = migraines and anger or hate =acting vengefuly with out the ability to think, sad =uncontrollable crying and what to be alone and not even see the ones I care about for extend periods of time and not the normal 3 to 5 hours + sleep of being an introvert

  3. These behaviors are not confined to parents rather adults in general are capable of them. I suffer not from parents who treated me in some of these ways but from teachers and one particular boss.

  4. here’s several suggestions worth trying
    Don’t take stimulants including alcohol and caffeine
    Try to relax
    Exercise regularly
    Join a self-help group
    (I discovered these and more ideas from Trevs Panic Fixer site )

  5. What I sometimes hate about my parents is that they totally think that gadgets are the main reason why I don’t perform well at school, and what I hate the most is they always think that they are always right…

  6. This why I hate my parents and my sisters. because they cause me to have so much issue that still effects to this day.

  7. No I am not a parent but clearly the people making this video has not ever looked after children before.no I am not saying brightside is a bad account cos it’s actually a good one but what I’m saying it’s not always parents that have a influence on their kids.even classmates and social media are also responsible or sometimes a child(not all children)is too sensetive.
    Sometimes it’s the parents fault but brightside needs to realise that it is not always the parents fault.

  8. I like how my Mom gets all mad when I show any form of discontent at being made to do chores (which is usually just a quiet sigh) and goes on this intense tangent of “YOUR FATHER AND I PROVIDE YOUR FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING – WE PAY FOR YOUR SCHOOL AND GAS!..”
    But the thing is, I was almost never made to do any chores when I was younger, so of course I’m going to show mild discontent at being made to vacuum the bathroom floor at a moment’s notice. Also, calm down, all I did was exhale.

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