15+ Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever

16 thoughts on “15+ Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever”

  1. It’s funny if both the parent AND the kid watch this the kid finds candy in his frozen beans.

  2. 6:59 Funny story….DON’T TRY THIS. My twin sister and I opened an old cardboard box once (when we were around 6) and did this. Only, we didn’t tape it to anything….and it was on a ladder attached to her bed. My sister was the controlling one (still is), so she told me to go first. When I was halfway down, the whole thing collapsed. My back hurt (badly) for a week. So don’t do this.

  3. REALLY!!?? car dolls to keep from gender identity!? IF YOUR A GIRL YOUR A GIRL, IF YOUR A BOY YOUR A BOY!!!!! everything else is great though.

  4. Everything was good except the stupid “not wanting stereotypical gender toys”. There are parents thinking these things through, and not toddlers themselves, right? Oi….

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