25 Parenting Life Hacks – Mental_floss List Show Ep. 435

17 thoughts on “25 Parenting Life Hacks – Mental_floss List Show Ep. 435”

  1. I have been told salted watermelon is good but, I have tried it multiple times with varying degrees of saltiness and I still can’t get myself to want to season watermelon.

  2. Nope, that one with the toothpaste really does work. Rubbing harder or using a different toothpaste would’ve helped.

  3. My sister and I dunk our cookies in water! We never knew why we started but it’s the best! So happy to hear you are also in on it! 😁

  4. glitter is not allowed in my household in my opinion all glitter is the herpes of crafts once you get it you can’t get rid of it

  5. I have actually successfully used toothpaste to get permanent marker out of wood. It was sharpie that bled through paper onto a wooden countertop. Maybe it being white toothpaste made a difference? Or that we used it immediately afterwards? But, this one could be a soft or conditional pass in my opinion.

  6. Please never put something that will go in your mouth into a container that held something that should not go into your mouth. Hand soap probably won’t hurt you if ingested but it’s still a good rule to follow.

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