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  1. Summary:
    1) How to resist attention seeking.
    Bad behavior: Ignore. Good behavior: Give attention
    2) How to get your children out of bed.
    Chose the clothes the night before. Put a soft light on and gently stir the children. Let the child get out of bed by her/himself.
    3) Dealing with public play areas.
    Say how much time is left. Reassure the children that they are going to come back.
    4) Implementing the shared play technique.
    Don´t let the dominant child take the lead role. Stay calm.
    5) How to use the naughty chair correctly
    bad behavior: naughty chair.

  2. I’m always a fan of supernanny long before i got married and have kids. I applied all the tips and most pf the tips work wonder for me.. =)

  3. If my kid was hitting my bottom like that or just plain hitting me, I wouldn’t just ignore it. I’d give the child a spanking.

  4. So her first method is to resort to grabbing the kid. And then her method is to deliberately passively-aggressively ignore the kid..
    Wow, that’s awful.

  5. and wow, thank god that he had a bit of sunscreen on his nose!! It would definitely have burned off otherwise.
    Thanks overbearing mother and nanny.

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