Advice For Parenting Teenagers : How To Raise Teenage Boys

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  1. No, what some parents will do is they will say, I pay for everything and I own you and I don’t care about your problems and complaints. Keep complaining and you will be punished. You’re not the one paying for everything here. Now do the chores I asked you to do so things get cleaned around the house because I need to go get drunk with my friends tonight. Seriously, why should a parent listen to their kid when the parent is the one paying for everything, the kid should just do as they’re told and manage the house.

    Check out dustyfemalecat’s channel and his novel The Dying Mark to which he links in his videos. The book, I’m sure, you will find atrocious. People tend to find only bad when it comes to me. I was feeling sorry for a kid named Skylor Atilano (look him up on Google or something) because he is going to jail and I was defending his actions because I can relate to his life circumstances, now people consider me either one of three things, a troll or a psychopath or an idiot, which pisses me off so much it almost tempts me to prove them right about the psychopath part because I hate when people are stupid like that especially when it causes people like Skylor to suffer. I want to do commentaries on social issues in my videos. I use Call of Duty gameplay for a background to the audio in my videos because it would be either that or a picture of me talking. I mean, what else would I use for a video? I don’t monetize my channel because I used copyrighted music and stuff and I just don’t give a shit about YouTube or Google, I kind of hate them because they’re turning to shit with all this copyright stuff. I’m trying to get exposure for my novel which may or may not be in need of heavy editing, I’ll be honest about that.

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