Authoritarian Vs. Authoritative Parenting Styles

5 thoughts on “Authoritarian Vs. Authoritative Parenting Styles”

  1. A Progressive Parenting Philosophy by Barbara Olinger.

    The roots of healthy child development are nurtured when children’s needs are met and they are allowed to experience life for themselves with proper guidance, instead of control. This is the foundation of the non-judgmental, emotionally-connected style of parenting presented in “Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting”.

    In this DVD, Barbara Olinger M.S.W demonstrates a fresh approach in which parents learn to focus on their children’s motivations rather than the way they act. She explains how tantrums and conflicts can be good; how being overly critical is detrimental to a child’s development; and how children do not need to feel bad to change their behavior. Barbara gives tools to help create positive interactions between parents and children.

    Moms and Dads learn new ways to set loving limits, develop age-appropriate expectations and foster an environment in which children know that they are loved unconditionally. These connections build self-awareness and confidence, inspiring children’s desire to cooperate, to strengthen family relationships, and to help them grow into compassionate adults

  2. Parenting is more like a game of checkers or chess than a balance scale or a pendulum. It’s as much an art as a science.

  3. It’s true, authoritative parenting doesn’t work. The more they push, the more we’ll want to rebel. I’ve been through it, and the hilarious part is that they think they’re winning, lol!

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