Authoritative Vs. Authoritarian Parenting Styles

23 thoughts on “Authoritative Vs. Authoritarian Parenting Styles”

  1. Why don’t we try that lil forgiveness jesus was always talking about? 2:26 Red’s almost hit in the head. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. So I guess you can say that Red and Kitty had two different agendas, when it comes to parenting! Red is more of a strict authoritarian type, and Kitty is more of a loving authoritative type! It seems only time will tell, before Dr. Phil weighs in on this!

  3. One thing I always liked about Eric is how he’s a mix of his parents. He has Red’s cutting attitude and sharp tongue but it’s tempered by Kitty’s sweetness.

  4. He is rite. Parents dont want their kids to make mistakes they did. 4 years in a trench warfare is more education than 4 year in a socialist college like washington state univ

  5. Watching this now as an adult kind of pains me. When I was younger, this was all fun and laughter but looking at it now. There really is value in both of their parenting styles. Too bad Kitty’s style overtook this generation, wishing we had some more Reds to kick their asses to fix the balance.

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