Baumrind’s Theory Of Parental Styles

9 thoughts on “Baumrind’s Theory Of Parental Styles”

  1. Love how you explain the different parenting styles and used examples from That 70s Show and Willy Wonka! Only problem is you don’t have an example for neglectful. I think the Lanes from Daria would be a perfect example of that.

  2. could you please tell me the resource from where you got this information? i really need it for my bibliography!!!

  3. That “Basic Terms” bullet points at 1:46 alone made this video worth the price of admission. Bravo! Though I believe your video will have an even greater impact for the better (see 8:09) if you correct “apposed” which should be spelled “opposed”.

  4. Is there a way you can add closed captioning to this? I would like to use this video for a class I teach but in order to use it, there must be a closed caption.

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