CanucksTV – Parenting Advice For Mason Raymond

37 thoughts on “CanucksTV – Parenting Advice For Mason Raymond”

  1. Dude I know what you mean!

    He can talk about the most boring subject in the world and I can just sit there and listen to him all day

  2. “From my extensive experience with children…”

    xD Cory, Juice, and Burr are the funniest on the team.

  3. Anyone remember the actor Raymond Burr? He played a character called Perry Mason. How about calling the kid Perry “Burr” Raymond – LOL!

  4. “Chip in, pull your weight.” If he can’t even chip in for the team how does Bieksa expect him to do the same for the child?

  5. I guess you dont know what “thinking before you speak” is? I guess you wouldn’t do that if you knew the video would be out on the internets until the end of days…

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