Ellen’s Parenting Advice

28 thoughts on “Ellen’s Parenting Advice”

  1. I especially love ellen “Mothers Day” show. Hpefully, one day i will be able to get to meet her. My life will be Complete.

  2. Is Ellen DeGeneres lesbian?
    I’ve heard about her having a girlfriend,but I doubt it..She looks very feminine after all

  3. You should have jennxpenn on your show!!! She got her wisdom teeth out and mentioned you😂😂

  4. Ahh yes. Every mother’s day, where there are technically 600 people in the Ellen audience. That’s a lot!

  5. Ellen and Portia never had a kid from a sperm donor. They never adopted. Hell, Ellen couldn’t even take care of a dog without giving it up when it got too challenging. I don’t care that this is joke advice, Ellen knows nothing about motherhood. Ellen should shut the fuck up about it and stick to what she’s good at: giving away free stuff to the people who paid to be in her show audience. I wish there was a longer list of what Ellen is good at, but there isn’t. She talks awkwardly when interviewing people more talented than her, dances without rhythm, and makes depressingly unfunny jokes.

  6. Keep them there till the end of the show,
    Haha, i’m dying

    Greatest gift-Big boobs, I don’t see it

  7. Imagine if one of the babies fall in love with another baby in the same audience! ❤️❤️😅

  8. Spot the difference


  9. Let’s hope this woman never has kids…she would be a terrible mother. She is bad with kids. I don’t know why women admire her so much…being a good entertainer on t.v. does not make her a good person.

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