Good Parents VS Bad Kids (pt 2) | TOP 60 Funny Parenting HACKS

21 thoughts on “Good Parents VS Bad Kids (pt 2) | TOP 60 Funny Parenting HACKS”

  1. 6:12 – 6:30 is SOOO relatable!!! You just barely have it out your pocket , bet someone is gonna say “I see you have gum. Can. I have some?” Then you got the whole class attention

  2. parenting hack: be single, dont get anyone preggo. being a parent is easy when you aren’t one. i’m winning at that right now. i got a nice bass and an amp, sometimes in the living room, never gets knocked over. no safety locks anywhere, nobody gets hurt.

  3. I hacked the whole “parents changing the wifi” thing. I just called the internet service and read them the info on the box, and they gave me the password 😂

  4. YA MY MOMS THATS SELFISH!! sometimes when she has food that she knows i like then i ask her for a bite she looks at me with a deathstare she gives it to me then i ask for another bite then looks at me with that same stare and takes the last bite and says “sorry last bite”

  5. 8:53, that’s a choking hazard – the beans might come out. Plus your baby should be sleeping on their stomach

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