Hilarious Mom Vs Dad Parenting Styles

23 thoughts on “Hilarious Mom Vs Dad Parenting Styles”

  1. How it works with me
    Food maker Mum/Dad
    Smarts Dad
    My protecter(stronger parent) Dad
    The funny one Mum/Dad
    Most time with Mum
    My fav Both

  2. At least dad’s let u do whatever u want while mom is like… did u do ur homework?? Well if ur parents r divorced and have their own house than yes

  3. Did anyone notice the dad holding a n 64 controller at 1:45 , this video is fake , there cant possibly an n 64 controller with no scratch marks , from all those years of gaming

  4. Dads win cuz they come up with fun and cool ideas and let you do whatever you want whilst moms keep it boring and be more strict, mom: clean your room. mom: did you do your home work?. dad: want to play games?

  5. I am disgusted. This is so stereotypical and sexist. Implying that mum’s are better is terrible. I hope whoever made this feels bad.

  6. So your saying dad’s are worse than mom’s wow this YouTube video is a pice of trash because I bet who makes this video is a women so tell this guy/ women that they are a pice of poop

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