How My Parenting Style Has Changed!

15 thoughts on “How My Parenting Style Has Changed!”

  1. I Β LOLed when yo u said you’d pretend not to see them when they fall. Yep!! I coddled every bump and whimper to my first. Now if they aren’t REEEAAAlly crying, but whining I let them work it out.. I never had a designated changing station or nursery for that matter. Lots of money saved there. Good vid.Β 

  2. Definitely the food off of the floor thing for me. I used to freak out but not anymore. For me also grocery shopping. I used to go to the store once a day if we needed something but now I make a list and plan the week, much easier on me and the kids.

  3. My sister is a couple years older than you with 6 kids and I lived with her and helped her for years and all these are so true!! I laughed too hard at the part about not caring if they eat something off the floor haha

  4. I agree with the falling thing, if you freak out every time your kid falls they’re gonna act like it hurt or be scared every time they take a tumble. My nephew fell all the time and we never paid any attention (unless he was hysterically crying) now he’s so tough and isn’t scared of anything lol! It’s natural, parents freak out over nothing.

  5. Same here first baby freaking out best everything; diapers, organic and so on after 4 Jesus clearance, luvs! Lol same about Falling and getting a boo-boo I pretend I don’t see and they just move on, about diaper bags I don’t even pack one anymore my youngest is 2/12 so I just throw a diaper and wipes in my purse and off we go. I guess having more kids do change your mindset.

  6. I’m a mom of one and my baby always gets back up when he falls or hits his head and he eats off the floor and uses dirty pacis. maybe I’m just not a super concerned parent or something lol idk

  7. I never hid to eat anything sweet id just say no and my girl knew no meant no i only had to say it once she knew she had to behave on shopping trips or she would get nothing and simple with meals she ate or had nothing i wasnt going to be making special seperate meals for her and all through her life even now shes 14 she complains when there isnt enough vegetables on her plate i just kept on feeding vegetables to her until she ate them in the shops she would want a celery stick or a carrot instead of a chocolate its easy to do

  8. Hey Jess, do you think you’ve had much change in parenting style since becoming a stepmom & mom to 5? This would be a good video to update on I think 😊

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