How To Make Your Children Genius Flower | Parenting Advice By Sadhguru | Latest 2017

17 thoughts on “How To Make Your Children Genius Flower | Parenting Advice By Sadhguru | Latest 2017”

  1. Words, are nothing without hatred, you should try nuclear bombs, cars and banking, like most people do everyday…take care & God, Bless..!!

  2. most idiotic media persons trying to insult Hindu Guru only. they never ask irrrittating questions to a secular minority priests..

  3. I can’t help but wonder,where was the child’s mother when she was 3 and a half months old?!! Why did sadhguru have her in his car,while he was travelling?…just curious to know.

  4. Heaven Is A Place On Earth……(The Truth…)

    Money & Death…..

    Corporations, make corpses, on purpose for government money and tax benefits(lying). Which is not freedom(cowardice), not caring, not kindness, and definitely not the welfare, responsibility and concern of any child, or baby on the whole of The Planet Earth, whatsoever.
    -The Lord God, Almighty…

  5. practise is bud genius is flower god bless from trees to road fell thusss to lover head place chase by boys to girls to cross for market price sell bouquet rose to go to feet to heart to crown of flower journey genius towards god palace by just keep going attitude not to achieve n stop but walking to get free space free air enjoy rain smell of soil to make toil but choose thrill to get best rank hand of god to say you tried best now result is my decision to the rest n life is just do n seek woo from god to audience good to feel touchwood moi heart felt sure

  6. God, Bless The Insane….!!!!!!
    The Lord God Almighty
    Heaven, is a place, on Planet Earth, and not an oppressors’ ideal of insanity.
    -Lord Jesus Christ(Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings, King Of Angels)

  7. Super Genius Sadhguru! Thank you for constantly pushing the boundaries of our thinking and elevating our consciousness.

  8. the world for a very long time thought of us indians as snake charmers and saints. then clerks. thanks to the last 30-40 years they look at us now as smart professionals and engineers. listening to jaggi’s cartoonic description and analogies about science and human anatomy the world will go back to calling us snake charmers all over again.

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