KUWTK | Bruce Jenner Gives Scott Disick Parenting Advice | E!

17 thoughts on “KUWTK | Bruce Jenner Gives Scott Disick Parenting Advice | E!”

  1. Yes lol men are so weak in character they can easily have their gender wiped away as if it never existed. By who? Why, look around for a woman with a strong character and talent. Naturally, right? Campaign! Get rid of all women with strong characters and talent because your masculinity is at stake! Hide them, destroy them! So much at stake with female competition. Sick. It will never happen. Your only other choice is to grow up. A real man doesn’t point his finger at a woman and blame her for his problems and responsibilities he didn’t choose to take. Your ‘story’ falls flat on its face. Bruce felt he was female as a very young child. He suffered all his life with those feelings

  2. regardless if he is transgender he loves his kids to death so I respect him 4 dat. they judge him but he a perfect dad regardless. ….

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