1. AMAAAAZING tips my friend…by the way your makeup is on point and im in love with your shirt 😍😍😍

  2. Great advice I do admit I use to be a nagging parent but not as much now. I am just really a hands on mom I want to know where my kids are and who they are spending time with and I mean I want to know the parents of the kids he hangs out with where they live and so on. Kids nowadays have their heads in a cell phone so much they are missing what’s going on around them. Nothing aggravates me more than to be eating at a restaurant and seeing teenagers with their heads in their phones while eating as a family and what’s even worse is the parents do it to! We have downtime in my home and cool off time from all electronics family time is family time bottom line! 😊

  3. Deevine you look beautiful. thank you for these 5 keys its all very important thank you for sharing have a wonderful week

  4. Wonderful advice! I love those earrings! You look great! I made quite a few mistakes with my children by sheltering them too much. But I did so much better raising my grandsons. Live and learn. Tfs 💜 from NC

  5. I have 2 age groups of kids. My first ages of kids are 19,16 and 14. Then we have ages 6,5, and 1. I have learned a lot with having kids at a younger age and kids at an older age and you’re video is spot on woth your answers. Have I might as have patience and dont yell and scream or punish a child out of anger. wait and calm dowm and then talk to your child what it was that made you upset with them and come up with a fair punishment between and make sure that they uderstand why they’re in trouble. and yes #5 is spot on! Never ever demean your chikd ever. Never tell them that they will grow up and amount to nothing or they will never amount to anything or that theyre dumber than a box of rocks, honestly they will grow up beleiveing what you say the majority of the time and they will resent you for how you havw talked to them. My father was like this with us kids and to this day the words he spoke hurts us very much. I have forgave him for this but sometimes I wonder how much different if we would bave had a father who encouraged us and rooted us on and telling us things like I make sure to tell all my kids…..that they can be ANYTHING that they want to be and I belive in them. I love that my children talk to me about what they want to be when they grow up my 16 year old changes what he wants to be almost daily for awhile. He now knows that he is going to do something in the medical field and my 14 year old is already taking a law school asses in high school trying to get scholarships for law school. They both are striaght A students and I am so proud of all my kids.

  6. I always thought my kids that I’m the parent not your best friend also while under my roof they have to obey my rules even if they are adults and I have 2 adults in my house and an almost 17. They know that I’m here for them and I’m learning to listen and be quiet. Also I thank God that they were raise knowing that God is first in our lives, without Gods guidance I don’t think I could of gotten this far but I am still not perfect n I ask God to guide me in every step in parenting my children. TFS be blessed.

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