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  1. Hey Kimmy, a friend of mine started adult camp for her near-adult children this summer. She taught them how to use tools to fix things, how to cook, how to pay bills/manage money, etc. so many young folks lack these skills.

  2. Hi Kims!!! Oh so sad I missed it live. But I don’t youtube on Sundays! I think the documentary they asked about is “meet the Mormons”. Thank you deric for explaining everything about our church, there are many myths I always get asked too!! Have a great Monday and fabulous week!

  3. It’s funny how this started as a parents getaway for a minute and by the end 2 kids have edged you guys out lol. Love you guys

  4. It’s lovely to see this (though I didn’t watch it live). Sorry you had some idiots annoying you.

    I’m atheist (though was raised Christian), but wish I had the support and community that comes with many religious groups. There IS an atheist movement that provided the same, but it doesn’t reach my town. Obviously I have support from friends and family, but it’s not structured in the way a church/mosque/synagogue, etc provide. You’re very lucky.

  5. P.S. My husband used to like calling this channel ‘She’s in Her Braces’. He doesn’t know what to call it now. He can’t be serious. πŸ˜‚ He also has a bit of a crush on Kimmy, me’thinks. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hello from England – thank you for this video – it is very nice to see a nice couple talking – my mum and dad never talked – Kimmy – I think you need to change your hair to a copper mid bob. More grown up and I think it will suit you very well – hope you don’t mind me saying this. Best regards Helena

  7. I’m having a ROUGH morning…but watching both of your new videos has really helped brighten my day. Thank you Kimmy!

  8. 😒 I so sad I just back from vacations from Tunisia. Kimmy you need to do again a chat I think ? Big hugs πŸ€—

  9. When I was a child the only caffeine Mormons were only allowed to drink was uncaffeinated coffee Also believe the other drink was Sprite or either 7-up which Ever was caffeine free back then….
    Do you know why the church didn’t allow the cokes,caffeine at all to get to the temple..You said they changed the rules do you know when???
    It use to be just like drinking or smoking you couldn’t get to the Temple or be married in the Temple?
    Do you still have to keep bodily cleaned if foods, alcohol etc to be married in the Temple
    I’m Just Lol I’m wondering as I’m trying really hard working my way back to Church of Jesus Christ Except it’s just gonna be me Hubby not interested at all do to all the hype on the church..Our Children are grown…Would it be a situation going back to church without The family!!! Thx for answering πŸ’•Shey

  10. After 11 years as a sahm mom it was hard to get back to work and juggle schedules but it worked out and I love working

  11. Hi Kimmy and family! I did not catch you guys live, but I so enjoyed this videos (just like all of your vids!) I am thankful for you all. Your videos have helped in so many ways and gave me some laughs on other days!

  12. 40??? Dang girl! You’re amazing and gorgeous! I’ll be 28 this year and if I didn’t know your kids ages I’d think you were my age.

  13. My kids call my mum and dad grandma and pops, my husband’s mum and dad nanny and grampy, my grandparents beach nanny and beach grandad(they live near a beach)and my husbands nan is called big nanny (she’s the teenyist lady ever but the big is in reference to hierarchy)

  14. You and Deric fit so well together, and he seems so calm and just loving. You may not know the answer, but do you know how to deal with a significant other who has anger issues? Who is easily tempered, can be tense, and kind of on edge? How can we work with his anger so I am able to trust him with a family? I am more peaceful like Deric, but my fiance is the other way around and the complete opposite. How can we gel together in order for both of us to mature to be able to raise a family? I don’t want to let him go, but I want to be able to trust him around a child. Any tips or suggestions from anyone else would be helpful as well.

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