NEW Parenting Styles | #MOMTRUTHS

14 thoughts on “NEW Parenting Styles | #MOMTRUTHS”

  1. YES!!!! I love you ladies so much! I don’t think I really have a parenting style — I’m just trying to make sure my two daughters are bathed, fed, clothed and loved every day (and that I don’t lose my mind in the process)! 🙂

  2. “I Don’t Give A F@&k Because We’re Happy & We Love Eachother So Don’t Give Me Your Unsolicited Advice Or Mom Shame Me” Parenting Style!

  3. Best parenting style ever!!! I just want to make sure my kids are healthy and happy!!! Who cares about all the other crap!!!

  4. LOL Love it. Yes, let’s support each other as moms. Parenting is hard work and we are all going through the same things. We know what works for us and our own households 🙂

  5. Love the I don’t give “af” – the best I can when I can do it parenting style. In my house too dinner is very often just peanut butter and bread, with a slice of cheese on the side, for my daughter; my son (3.5) just goes into the fridge and finds a container of leftover mac and cheese and takes it out himself and eats it cold; and I’m lucky I even eat more than a handful of crackers or slices of cheese with my wine for dinner. You guys are great!!! It feels great to know there are others who so loosely hold it together just like me.

  6. Parenting style — my kid is feed, has some kind of clothing on, mostly happy most of the day and went to sleep at night alive with love hugs and kisses from mom 🙂

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