Our Raw Parenting Style: Attachment Parenting

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  1. Wow i agree with everything you guys are doing! that’s great! What wonderful parents! it weird to have your child suck on your nipples for a few years. i dont think i would do that maybe give them a bottle of brest milk but sucking on your nipps that might be weird.

  2. I breastfed my daughter for 2 and a half years. I would have gone longer but I listened to outside forces, and not my own inner voice, nor did I listen to my daughter’s needs. She should have gone longer and would have preferred to go longer. But, I digress. The more I live and the more I see how other people live, it is truly important to realize that babies need nurturing and need breastfeeding, and need the comfort that it brings. I fully believe that my daughter would not be what she is today if she hadn’t breastfed for that long. 6-9 months isn’t enough. Babies need this nurturing. Toddlers need this nurturing.

  3. Hi ..you guys are fantastic. .its people like you that give me support what I’m doing is right ..sadly I have to search online for this as most are against or think it’s weird hippy etc even had this from my family ..my son is 2 and a half my doc is begging me to stop breastfeeding lol ..said I’m hurting him lol
    And he doesn’t eat enough but he does ..he just prefers healthy foods adores berries he’d eat a whole punnet if I let him ..yum thanks for the videos 🙂

  4. you guys are such light..sharing this beautiful message, and healing for humankind. Thank you Yulia..I am new to find your channel just a few days ago, and I just love you and what you are doing for the world <3 Blessings

  5. I have said for the longest time that a child need to be nurtured. I LOVE the cloth baby carriers that you can use either front or back. Not only is it a nurturing accessory but also a safety one. You don’t have to worry about someone snatching your baby AND they can also see whats going on. My mom only used a stroller for a week because she couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see the world. They shouldn’t look at the ground and legs and scary things, they need to see all the things going on safely. And I never understood all these processed foods. They didn’t have that years ago, it was fruit and stewed veggies(not for fully raw but you can rice down  fresh fruits into mush), riced down with a ricer. Homemade baby food without the salt,unnatural sugar, bad fats, etc. Whenever I have kids, I will be used a clothe carrier, homemade baby food, lots of fresh fruits and veggies (solids when able) instead of the gross stuff out there. Great video!

  6. My daughter is 20months old, we still bf and co-sleep. I try to spread the word about this lifestyle but in as much of a positive an none judgemental way as possible… I have tried being raw and fallen off the wagon… Maybe I’ll get back on again… In just doing my best day to day 🙂 I know some people who tried bf or co sleeping or baby wearing and gave up… If we all do the best day to day and adopt as many nurturing behaviours we can and celebrate and shout about that then we are definitely making positive progress… You are great parents! Don’t let anyone ever make you feel wrong! 😃 just know too that other people aren’t bad if they don’t follow ur style… I thought I was brave and liked to stand out but at times parenting this way has been an uphill struggle as its often apposed to “the norm” … I’m still going tho 🙂 your an inspiration! ❤️

  7. YOU. TOOK. THESE. WORDS. RIGHT. OUT. OF. MY. MOUTH!!!! Exactly what I have been trying to explain to my family since I had my daughter 5 years ago. Extended nursing and co-sleeping just felt right and natural. Going back to work felt forced and riddled me with guilt so I just didn’t. The health and well-being of my child was much more important to me. I love this. Thank you for this beautiful video!

  8. LOVE this!! It is totally along the thoughts baby has been giving me. Glad you made this video to confirm my/bby’s thoughts.

  9. Here I was thinking about giving up breastfeeding my 10 month old son. You guys are so inspirational and now I want to continue on until he self weans. Thanks heaps for reassurance on what I knew was the right thing to do 🙂

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