Parenting Advice From Glenn Beck: Push Your Kids Against The Wall

34 thoughts on “Parenting Advice From Glenn Beck: Push Your Kids Against The Wall”

  1. 0:08 he even looks like a creepy Nazi! If there were a Satan, he would LOVE this dude, and his ilk. These people are among the most evil people on the planet, and they robe themselves in righteousness. Keep screaming, Beck. Hopefully you will wake up the sane people.

  2. Mr. Beck: What you are advocating is child abuse. I know, I am a survivor of child abuse. My book, “Camey’s Story — 9 Years of Abuse, 51 Years of Consequences” is coming out in November. I hope after reading it, you realize the damage that is done to a child through your kind of parenting. And it doesn’t stop there. Their children are at risk of abuse as well future generations.

  3. No one has obviously pushed that fat waste of oxygen, wasnt he the pussy who was dependant on drugs and then converted to religion because he couldnt handle reality? Typical hyprocritic bullshit from the fat bastard.

  4. This from the guy who told the wife of one of his industry rivals that her husband couldn’t even get her pregnant properly – after she had a miscarriage – while he had her live on the air during his Morning Zoo radio program.

  5. Yes, four kids.
    Glenn has gone through alcoholism, drugs, ADHD, maybe schizophrenia, been suicidal, and more.
    He’s not right in the head.

  6. I’d love for Glenn Beck to go to the southside of Chicago and push some whimpy teenagers against a wall and see if he makes it out alive.

  7. Yeah those kids probably got there by not being pushed around quite a bit in fact they most likely always got there own damn way in every major event in their lives, so they became gang members and now it maybe Becks fault, pushing anyone around though doesn’t work it fails too. Both ends are extremes on the one hand you do nothing with the kid and on the other they micro manage every event as to erase spontaneity.

  8. Yeah, they always get their way. Poor education, rampant gang activity that they’re born into the midst of, single-parent homes, no job opportunities. Spoiled brats they are.

  9. Hey Beck, I dont know where you got your masters in chold psychology. But intimidating children doesn’t do what your saying it does.

  10. You do realize that stuff like play wrestling teaches kids how to fight back to right? It’s amazing how far you can go without being an asshole. All pushing them up against a wall does is remind them that if they stand up to somebody bigger and stronger then them, they will get beat up and intimidated for it and might makes right. Funny that Mr. Freedom N. Liberty Glenn Beck himself has that attitude, “if your kids think they have rights, knock ’em around a bit.”

  11. Yeah bitch. Push these same kids and they’ll come straight up to you and stab you. Then quietly walk away and go one with their life. I mean srsly, coming from a son whose father who worshipped Glen Beck and tried out this method on his son, trust me, it never bodes well for the parent who does this.

  12. This works amazingly. I usually place land mines in my home and tell me kids you come inside and it’s time to put up or shut up. Not once did they ever trigger one! Just like in life you ALWAYS have to be careful. 

  13. So does he want the kids to get used to being pushed around by authoritarian dictators, or have them hate their parents? If its to keep them from getting soft then how about enrolling them into karate or something, Christ.

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