Parenting Advice From Non-Parents

28 thoughts on “Parenting Advice From Non-Parents”

  1. If you found out your pediatrician has no kids would you change doctors? Not all who give advice are ignorant about children. Consider the source I guess….

  2. There’s certain parenting advice that doesn’t require having children to understand. U don’t need to have kids to know that too much sugar is bad for them. Or that sleep schedules help them develop a routine.

  3. Just because someone isn’t a parent doesn’t mean they can’t have good advice. Some parents give terrible advice and have these kids in these streets acting an ass.

  4. I loved Tamara every since me and my sis were kids because they were christian and everything they did was clean. But about raising your child, Start now. Rihiaana is a worldly person singing secular music. Whats wrong with worship. Kim walker, kari jobe, Lauren Daigle, Tasha cobb ect so manyy positive upbeat music. Tamara knows God and the bible. Either your hot or your cold, you can’t be lukeworm. You cant represent the world and God.

  5. It’s been over a year and a half and… I still miss Tamar so much on The Real… I just miss all 5 of them together.

  6. Yeah, LGBTQ folks who don’t have children are NOTORIOUS for this! Especially the ones that becomes scientists and doctors, and claim that they don;t need children to understand that gender isn’t biological at all, and that you can simply choose which ever gender you desire to be, and that males and females are 100% the same, and that children should be taught this, (and are taught this in Sweden) asap. It’s such horsesh*t.

  7. My little brother was born when I was 15 and I had to watch him aaaallllllll the time! So even if you don’t have kids it doesn’t mean you don’t have experience raising kids! I paid attention to how my family members did it and learned from them!

  8. I know this is old but these mothers can be too much at times. There is a reason why god gave us Aunties and Uncles because Adrienne’s sister may not have been able to do what she did…hence why we have Aunts. Kids raised by such crazy parents tend to be weird. And second of all popping a baby out of you doesn’t mean you know anything about parenting. My mother was a terrible mother and my childless 19 year old aunt was the one that raised me when from newborn until I was 2 (which is when we moved).

  9. l like to watch the real that is my favorite T.V show l love is l go there one day and go and see them to hung them and I will ask a question for them.

  10. l love Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai And Loni Love and also Tamera Momwry and also Tamar Braxton and also l love you a lot and I was to come visit you with family.

  11. I don’t have any kids but I know more about raising them than people who do have kids people have kids and don’t even know how to fix a bottle don’t know how to change a diaper or feed a baby but I do they say it takes a village to raise a child if you don’t want my advice then you should find another Village to live in

  12. My sister doesn’t have kids,but she takes care of my daughter like an experienced mom…she is like a mom to my little girl

  13. How dare them. There’re not even parents so why maybe they should use that advice when they have kids
    #So true # The Real

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