Parenting Hack: How To Motivate Kids To Brush Their Teeth

5 thoughts on “Parenting Hack: How To Motivate Kids To Brush Their Teeth”

  1. Hi Ashley! Great video. Very useful tips for my little one when she’s a little older. Right now she’s 11 months and has her top teeth coming through. For a while now she hasn’t been letting me in her mouth to brush them and I’m becoming concerned about possible decay in the future. Do you have any advice or tips for me?

  2. What ‘toothpaste’ do your girls use? We’ve only used coconut oil but thinking of using something else now that my son is 2 1/2.

  3. Yap, my son love to brush his teeth but he’s so fast. But if we brushing our teeth together, he’s doing it longer ✌️

  4. I’m wondering if you can do a video about vegan supplements or vitamins for kids. My baby is 9 months and I do give her a vegan dha by Nordic naturals but I’m utterly confused about what else to give her. I’m told vitamin d? I know in one of your videos Avery mentioned Sunwarrior in her shake and you said that was hee main vitamins. Your help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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