Parenting Hack: Teach Your Kids To Say R Correctly

19 thoughts on “Parenting Hack: Teach Your Kids To Say R Correctly”

  1. i have chocolate allergy except for the original chocolate and kit kat and i have alergy from peenuts and nutella EWW I HATE NUTELLA

  2. im 16 and i can’t say the word r right. It affects so much in my grades at school,i can’t never repeat lessons and answers questions even if i now them.i would have a better future if i could speak well.But be happy for your life,someone’s wish is to be you…

  3. DUDE.  This is so great for my ESL students who have trouble with the hard American /r/, but can’t understand so much English as children to get “bend your tongue to the soft place”.  A hand gesture!   Yes!

  4. Thank you! I’ve been working with my 8 year with a few different videos/websites. And he was kinda sorta getting the R but not really. Then we watched your video together and it was like a light bulb went off! He got it.

    It was a huge leap for him. However now how do I get him to say it in his daily speech?

    If I stop him and say,”say ‘art’ again” he can do it, but I can’t interrupt him every other word.

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