Parenting Hacks: Surviving Road Trips With Young Kids

19 thoughts on “Parenting Hacks: Surviving Road Trips With Young Kids”

  1. Great tips!! You can get compostable disposable plates, bowls, cups etc. Might help you feel a little better.

  2. Thanks for these tips! We have a family vacation coming up to Santa Monica, California (it’s only 5 hours from where we live)…. it’s not as far as your trip but those tips will surely help!!

  3. I love all your ideas! However i noticed your daughters didnt always have their chest clips in the proper position. chest clips go across the chest lined up with their armpits. not by their tummies. #professionalcarseatinstaller

  4. I gotta give it to you we took a trip to Disney from home it was 10-12 hours (slightly torturous lol) but as a family of 4 saved us big bucks! I can’t imagine doing it 2 days in a row kuddos to you mama!

  5. My family just took two road trips this past four weeks and the first one was about nine hours. I had all the snacks in a bag and portioned it out as needed. I used the Munchkin cups with the “spill-proof” lid and that helped keep some of the mess down as my two year old still dumps and throws bowls. Both of my kids are still rear facing so we mounted an iPad on the headrest in the middle seat and kept it plugged in. Luckily I can use my phone as a “hotspot” so they could watch Netflix the whole time! The main inconvenience was if I needed to touch the screen for some reason and to be honest, I just reached back there to do it. I don’t know how we made it through road trips without technology!

  6. How did you hear up the burgers and leftovers? Or are they ok with eating them cold? Did you have a cooler? Sorry if I missed that part.

  7. what were the stainless divided plates they had? I love those! We are a family of 5 and we road trip a lot!!! This was soooooo helpful! 😀 Thanks so much for taking the time to film all of these clips. I will use these on our next trip! My son has celiac so we have to be very careful when it comes to how we eat on trips. We always stay some place with a kitchen as well 🙂

  8. Ashley! Excellent trip planner … those sweet smiling girls’ faces do not lie! You’re doing a great job! I can give you ONE IMPORTANT TIP…. I am old enough to be your mum (i.e. this is important…) KEEP DOING A YEARLY VACATION TOGETHER. You marriage and family will grow and change and you will be doing a fabulous strengthening of it, if you commit to the yearly vacay together. It’s easier now, when the kids are young, but gets harder as everyone gets older. I regret not insisting that we continue a yearly trip together. We stopped, for various (unwrite unimportant) reasons… most of which I can’t even remember… Such important bonding happens while the whole family is together. Keep it going and you’ll be so grateful you did. Love and Peace to you.

  9. Love the little prize bag idea! We drive only 5 hrs to nags head beach each summer but next summer we want to drive to South Dakota to Ingalls Homestead (22 hour drive) so definitely going to use some of these tips lol

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