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  1. YOUR CHILD ISNT GOING TO GET POLIO BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN VACCINATED!!!!! Gahshh! UGH. Okay, I get the whole issue that she has with “Big Pharma” and all the kick backs and trust me, I know first hand all about this having been on SSRI’s for the last decade! I know that there is definitely some sort of monetary aspect to all of this, but BUT BUUUTTTT that does not mean that vaccines (as a whole) are totally bad. If you have an issue with the “booster” aspect then choose to have his levels checked, a nurse can do a simple blood draw to check this after the initial vaccination. You can also choose whether to get some in two or three seperate doses, and again, have blood drawn to ensure that they have enough of the antibodies without having to go over what you and your doctor feel is a safe, acceptable level.
    There is not one stitch of legitimate proof that can suggest any correlation between autism spectrum disorders and vaccinations and unless your child is living a completely plant based, dairy, egg and casein free lifestyle the ingredients that are in the vaccines cannot be your argument.
    Please, you sound like such a smart person and I respect your autonomy but please, do some more research into alternative vaccination schedules and stuff and think about it. Its not just about your kids, this affects a lot of other children too!

  2. I love mommy confessions! I have a 6 month old that I haven’t yet vaccinated, and am in the same thought process as your friend. Thanks for this talk. I must say I love all the work you’ve been doing to improve your content, it definitely makes a big difference. Go Angel!

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