Parenting Styles Quiz

17 thoughts on “Parenting Styles Quiz”

  1. can you clarify the answers? 
    neglectful (will’s actual dad) , authoritarian, permissive, authoritative (attempt to talk about it) ?

  2. DISENGAGED, AUTHORITARIAN, PERMISSIVE, and AUTHORITATIAN.. however the last one was tricky, seemed like the parents were responsive because they had a sort of playfull persona, which wouldnt be an obvious trait of an authoritarian.. but they also said “NO!” Many times without a reason why, which brings them back to Authoritarians

  3. I liked this video. It made me cry, think, and laugh. I believe the first one is the uninvolved/indifferent parent, the next one is the authoritarian parent, the third one was the permissive/indulgent parent, and the last one was the authoritative parent even though at times I thought she was being an authoritarian parent. Like I said it was cool to watch.

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