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  1. Timeouts work.  It’s Cool down time in a separate area.  I have never spanked my kids, and have never had to.  Now that the children are older, grounding, and losing access to electronics works as well 🙂

  2. Help me, I am a Dad with bad anger issues. I have a 4 year old son and I hit him all the time when I get angry, I can not stop my self. I grew up where my parents would hit me and I know that taught me well. I’m afraid that he will start being violent towards other kids because of me. what should I do, my girlfriend is really concerned about leaving him alone with me…

  3. Can I go one comment section without the racist comments?! It’s either people bad mouthing immigrants or people talking or making the topic about race. Think about it ,how many kids that grow up in healthy environments at home become criminals, and how many that grow up in abusive homes become abusers and criminals, it’s not a race thing, it’s a cycle. I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to succeed, and I want a safe place for them to be all they can be. There’s a reason there’s child abuse laws now, it really messes people up. We are raising children to become strong Men and women. If you want to spank your child just know the consequences that may come with that. Don’t look down on a parent who chooses a different method of discipline. Don’t bring up race. Don’t say that’s what’s wrong with black people, or oh white people. we are all human first. I see a divide between races more than I have in my whole life. it’s sad.

  4. Parents magazine needs to have discipline tips for teenagers. I’m sick of people thinking it’s fine to drop their teenagers off at unsupervised parties or at boy/girl sleepovers or thinking it’s ok for the kids to party and drink at home since it’s “under their watchful eye”.

  5. Dear kids: if your parents ever tell you: don’t talk to me like that or your gonna loose allot. simply ask them : what do you have to offer $5 billion?

  6. please someone help…
    i saw my dad on a dating website but ny parents are not divorced… should i tell my mon… should i say something about that website to see how he reacts… anything helps thanks

  7. Huh. I was expecting her to tell me to use paddles and mold them into what my opinion is, and hit them every time they’re not perfect to overwhelm them with tasks I, as an adult, can NOT do. But she was… Pretty rational, I’d say.

  8. Time out does NOT work. it creates a power struggle. Kids NEED power and attention, just like they need food clothes and shelter.. by setting rules and enforcing consequences to those rules, you are essentially giving them the power to make the best choice.

  9. And… for tantrums or mild bad behavior, ignore the BEHAVIOR not the CHILD. Some tantrums are legitimate, if they are in pain or sick or hungry, or tired, those meltdowns require attention.

  10. We are all different. No one is better than the other nomatter what are
    your choices. Everybody is different, everyone has their own life,
    routine, problems, luck, etc. Wtv makes you the happiest person on
    Earth, but if I where you, I wouldn’t insult or give advice to people
    who are different or think differently like the way you did. There is
    nothing wrong with getting help from parents. Judge Judy on the episode
    even said that she thinks, as a judge, that parents should help their
    children/adults etc. Besides, there are sooo many people who’s parents
    paid for their wedding and co signed house loans. You have no advices to
    give me. You can reply but I will ignore your response.

  11. Just a question – if a child is throwing spaghetti on the wall and the parent says “okay no more dinner then” if the child is throwing spaghetti on the wall because he/she is bored with eating and would rather do something else, wouldn’t the consequence of “no more dinner” result in the child later willingly throwing spaghetti on the wall just to get out of eating dinner?

  12. as of now I am thinking between leaving our house with my daughter or staying with my 2 kiddos here with my husband. I love my husband and I know he also loves me,but my problem is that he doesn’t treat our daughter nicely. he easily get angry with her. he do not treat our kids the same.

  13. If my kid threw their spaghetti at the wall, for Pete’s sake, I would scrape it off the wall and make em eat it after a warm ass whoopin… screw this calm and collected crap, they need to know what pisses you off and what doesn’t… Like if you agree!

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