Popular Parenting Hacks Reviewed By Kids

9 thoughts on “Popular Parenting Hacks Reviewed By Kids”

  1. 1. Just open the DAMN door 2. That just sounds very untrustworthy 3. Awkward family reunion intensifies. 4. Isn’t the idea of eating vegetables for it to be healthy? If you put sprinkles there you might just give them donut already.

    I think these kids are pretty smart. Smarter than the people who thought up those ‘hacks’

  2. Some of these tips are just bad advice, but i think that is kinda the point of the video. The bottom line is parenting is hard! As parents we need to be mindful of the long-term effect of our parenting tactics. Something that helps is running everything through the filter of “What do I want my children to remember when I am only a memory?”

  3. *reading comments* I was spanked, it may be wrong and it DID hurt and I WAS little but I still love my mom a lot. Besides it’s just another way of punishment , she doesn’t do it today..I remember the tears i shed from the stinging in my lower region..but..okay now it just sounds like I’m trying to make my mom sound horrible, and she’s NOT I love her so much

  4. i don’t have a door, and one time my dad broke a spoon over me, it does not make it better to not have a door or to get punished with pain, it makes the child want to rebel, so parents, get it together, or you’ll have a nightmare child.

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