Practical Tips On The Art Of Parenting

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  1. May God almighty shower blessings upon you. I express gratitude to God for having an opportunity to listen to a wonderful and excellent talk.Busy parents Must listen

  2. Thank You so much swami ji. It was nice listening to your talk. I have a question like how I can tell these things to my parents. I cant tell directly because it will hurt them or they will take it in wrong manner. I want to learn them these things.

  3. Loved your video! Keep it up! Please watch my fun adventures with my kids if you get a chance! Would love to hear from you! Please sub! I will subscribe in return!

  4. really the best speach ever i heard .i never thought speachs r so much informative and this is mindblowing .want to hear again and again .may b i am vry young and dont deserve to say god bless u but i wish god give u watever your heart wants guruji.thanks for this speach and for showing a good path in our life

  5. The Necessary Contribution of Parents
    to the Human Cause

    Due to the nature of life and how
    lifeforms procreate there has always been the necessity of parents.
    Lifeforms when it comes to how the protect and raise their young
    differs with each lifeform; some are closely guarded by their parents
    while others are born into an unkind and dangerous wilderness alone
    and such lifeforms must be born in vast numbers since that most will
    not survive the brutal struggle for survival and that through
    contrition a few inevitably survive. But all mammals are born
    defenseless so due to necessity they must be both protected by their
    parents and given the knowledge and tools to survive as adults in a
    pitiless and sometimes heartless wilderness. Humanity is proven to be
    mammals, and since humanity are mammals they also continue
    generations by being raised, protected and given guidance by parents.
    Due to human nature; parents must closely watch how they act in front
    of the eyes of their children in both how spouses act towards each
    other and act towards their children since they see their parents as
    role models. How father acts towards his son or sons determines how
    they act as an adult; and how a husband treats his wife in front of
    his sons will greatly affect how they treat their wives as adults.
    Mothers in how they act and conduct themselves in front of their
    daughters will greatly influence how a mother’s daughters will act as
    adults as well; how a wife treats her husband will greatly effect how
    her daughters will treat their husbands and also what kind of
    treatment from their husbands they will see as permissible. Children
    require guidance in youth and ideals which will inform how they act
    as both as youths and adults. That parents have given to them the
    very commendable and necessary responsibilities of raising a
    civilizations next generation of citizens; and guidance from a parent
    I believe sinks into a youth far more effectively when it comes from
    a parent then when it does from either the school system or the
    media. Now in life; an asset to possess which may help through
    difficult and adverse times is the ability to respect yourself as an
    individual; and good parents should realize that they should have
    much self respect. One of the most commendable and respectable part
    of the human cause has always been parents and the instinct they have
    to both protect and raise their children; and due to the sometimes
    heartless nature of some civilizations parents must always stand
    vigilant when it comes to protecting their youths. Now in any
    civilization there are many parents who are good parents who have
    their children best interests at heart and are committed guardians
    and teachers to their own youth; while some other parents seem to not
    fully appreciate what a profound responsibility they have had placed
    on their shoulders and sometimes may neglect or not be to intent on
    either protecting parents and genuinely caring about their children
    welfare. A majority of good parents committed to the welfare their
    children and instilling in them guidance and respectable ideals is
    good for the human cause and the cause of society since such youths
    as adults will lead there to be more social cohesion and more
    respectable citizens. A majority of bad parents not committed to
    their children welfare will lead onto later down the road to many
    different forms of detrimental ramifications for society and the
    stability of civilization. That parents must be aware that they are
    any civilizations most important member and its most commendable
    citizen since the future of their own civilization is determined by
    how future generations will carry on the cause of such civilizations
    when such generations become its citizens.

  6. I studied in chinmaya vidyala school, CBE. Since my dad gets transfered every 3 yrs once., was put in many schools and in colleges. After long time. Now I have 1 yr old of my own. So was searching on parenting topics. Finally I’m Back on track. nice to listen to my own guru’s. Hari om.. Thank you

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