Psychology Project- Parenting Styles

7 thoughts on “Psychology Project- Parenting Styles”

  1. What a great job! Easy to see the differences and bring awareness to the different approaches parents choose when they parent. (pass on the life skills they learned to their kids) Question is, do you keep the pattern going or do you step up and make a change? Either way you will be successful… Here is to Happy Parenting!

  2. Life is hard when the mom is permissive with the kids, yells at me the husband & threatens to throw me in jail when I try to correct our daughter.

    Permissives seem to create narcissists/authoritarians.

    Now I dream of living in a dog house in the backyard.

    I wouldn’t hear the tv running all day & the kids watching inappropriate movies.

    The wife says that I am trying to control everyone.

    I would say (if she would listen) that she doesn’t value her time at all.


    This video helped me.

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