Rachel Dratch’s Parenting Advice – Late Night With Seth Meyers

6 thoughts on “Rachel Dratch’s Parenting Advice – Late Night With Seth Meyers”

  1. The mini cake tray is always prominently featured. Can you bring them with you to the interview like Harvey Pekar did with the donuts on Letterman? 

  2. To all of those questions… Maybe try disciplining your children and not continuing to let them think they call the shots.

  3. cover urself with a fowl tasting liquid SHE I s everything! i saw her on street in e village and almost died biggest fan crush ever!

  4. biting usually happens when kids are overtired/distressed/overwhelmed. sometimes even when they are cutting teeth. my first born (of 5) was my only biter and I read everything I could get my hands on for advice. yay! no help there. in the end I came up with the phrase “lots of lips”. I’d hold him closer and say “ouch, lots of lips. biting hurts but kisses are nice”. then I’d give him a kiss, put him down and walk away. it took about 2 weeks of repetition but I could gradually just say “lots of lips” and he would stop biting immediately and give me a kiss instead.

    the other kids all tried biting but “lots of lips” straight away stopped a habit from forming. one even said it (really calmly) to a kid who had gone “jaws” at playgroup and the kid was so shocked at the lack of reaction that he stopped and shared a toy instead. weird how little minds work. 😁. good luck to all carers who have teethe babes.

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