Son Of Batman: Batman’s Parenting Style

37 thoughts on “Son Of Batman: Batman’s Parenting Style”

  1. Damien asking batman if he has never felt vengeful lol. Feeling vengeful is the reason he became batman in the first place

  2. Wow Dick it’s like a brother to Damian after all Dick can teach him some stuff. They also have a lot of D in common. I love how dick and damian don’t get along. Maybe dick it’s jealous that batman would love more Damian.

  3. In the Injustice universe Damian and Alfred are like father and son he was devastated by losing Alfred that he brought him back to life

  4. This is why you don’t have unprotected sex…..who knows? you might just create the world’s most bratty child ever๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜

  5. I absolutely hate spoiled whiny brat Damian Wayne!

    Acts more like his disgusting deranged mother.
    Dick Grayson is the better son he actually listens and respects Bruce like a real son should.

  6. ‘You can’t fight crime by becoming criminal’

    The Dark Knight Returns : ‘We are criminals, Clark. We always have been’

  7. โ€œWhatโ€™s he gonna do, swim thereโ€….(Damianโ€™s head pops from water) surprise mother f*cker

  8. Batman: “Time to retreat”
    Robin: “I’m no coward”
    Batman: “oh yeah, take them on yourself then” (Dissapears)
    Robin: “Fuck”

  9. Bman – “Heads up” ….BMan – “Great reflexes”…. DW – “What if i had missed”….. Bman – “It would have hurt”…. ….Parenting 101 :-p

  10. It’s not about easy. It’s about doing what’s right because it’s right and that the only reason you need.”

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