Stay At Home Mom, Parenting Mistakes, Autism?

6 thoughts on “Stay At Home Mom, Parenting Mistakes, Autism?”

  1. Hope all is well and your fears were put to rest. That said, as the mom of a child with mild to moderate autism who presented in exactly the same way (totally easy baby, milestones met in terms of number of words, but weak functional language), I would encourage you to get him tested and seek both educational and biomedical solutions as appropriate. Send me a message for more info. Blessings!

  2. I was going to write a huge post telling you that its not your fault and things like that but the most important thing that I would like you to understand is to NEVER give your son Medication if he is found to be Autistic if a doctor tries to medicate him tell the doctor BY and walk out!!!!! bottom line!!!

  3. when he repeats things on TV or when you say things like HI does he say it in his own voice or does he sound more like you? (surprised , high pinched, just coping how ever you say it)
    Some times you need someone with more practice teaching or tutoring to help you
    its not that they are doing it for you, he needs help and so do you so just take it and don’t take it personal just understand that you are trying to do whats best for him
    its not about you anymore if he needs help get it for him.

  4. My English is not very good but I made ​​great effort to understand your video for my 13 year old son is autistic. it is in school now but to speak very late, around 4 years.

  5. My son is the exact same way! My son can read words I got my baby can read too, he knows all his words, he was potty trained early he knows his ABC’s and can count to 30, knows his shapes and colors!! But autism is a spectrum meaning all symptoms are different for most kids, some kids with autism can talk fine but lack in other areas. My advice to you is put him in speech therapy and occupational therapy, my son has been going for a while and he is doing amazing, his articulation is better

  6. And the doctors may not be god but it doesn’t hurt to get him extra help and with speech therapy they can give you tools on how to make it easier for both of you, they’ll give you tools to lengthen his sentences, don’t wait to long to get him help cause although your son may know what your talking about and you can comprehend what he may want you want him to be able to explain what’s going on around him girl, its working for me and my 4 year old as we speak

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