Step Parenting – Advice For Step Parents: Ask The Parenting Expert With Susie Walton

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  1. Um ok well what if you did not know he was the bio dad until 5 years of marriage? because she slept with 2 other guys while she was dating my husband,  he found out she was pregnant by her dropping of the test at his place of employment then leaving with another guy and even after he asked for a test more then 5 times because he wanted to know if he may have been his she denied the test multiple times. until the boy started to look like my husbands clone. we told her we still want a test and we paid for it out of pocket and he is his .so it’s all pretty crazy and we already have 2 of our own kids and actually recently loss our home and everything in it to a house fire. I have no idea how to be prepared for any of this. She said he can call me mom but when I called him son she got upset? I feel like im falling in a trap and just trying to remain calm and peaceful for my stepson.

  2. Hey there! I’m a step mother and I absolutely love my step kids! We all have a really good relationship. Their mother isn’t in the picture and I need some advice on step parent adoption. Do you think it’s necessary and will be beneficial to the family unit or is it just a waste of time? I found a website called that seems to offer a lot of information but I don’t know if I should take the first step or not.

  3. I feel like a totally bad step parent after watching this because I’ve changed things for my step son from the day I moved in with him and his dad.
    I thought I was helping Brayden by teaching him what it was to respect others and not allowing him to watch Jack Ass or music videos with strippers on you tube and not letting him play violent games or talk about killing people… my husband agrees with everything though and likes that Brayden has become more calm and loving. Should I step back and let my step son act like he used to? We but heads sometimes about these things but our family is expected to have another child come in September and I don’t want Marshall (the new baby brother) to feel like he is being treated different when he isn’t allowed to do the things B is allowed to do.

  4. I’m in a lesbian relationship and my fiance had a daughter (she’s 5.. almost 6 now). I came into her life when she was 3 yrs old and at that point her mother and I were just friends. Meeting them when I did was an interesting time, my fiance has been a single parent in many abusive relationships prior to me and she was also an alcoholic, now sober. The dynamic was entirely different when I came into their lives and I’m 28, never really been around children much before, but I love the little and call her my daughter. I stepped up during a time they were both in need, financially and emotionally. I’ve impacted their lives in a positive way and now my fiance is a psychology major and has improved tremendously as a mom, but a lot of what has happened in their past has caused some development challenges for our little one. my role as the step parent has been difficult from the start, but it’s seemly becoming more difficult. I find myself feeling like now that my fiance is a psychology student and understands childrens development, she’s turned to constantly correcting everything I do and I find myself more frustrated than ever. being a step mom when mom already exists is confusing to me and idk where to stand. I just need help, any advice would be amazing.

  5. My stepmom is horrible I hate her and her and my dad got married behind my back they don’t care what I think. She has brought her own child into the house and I hate her

  6. I met my fiance’ 3 1/2 years ago and I didn’t want to meet his mom nor daughter til about a month or so into the relationship. I have my reasons for that! As soon as I walked in his mom’s house (his mom took care of her for 13 years of her life after his daughter’s mother died) and she asked me if I was going to be her new step mom! She never had a “step mom” before, but I was concerned by her question! It was wayyyy to fast for me so I answered back “I don’t know hun, we’ll have to see where it goes with your dad and I”! That’s all I could think of at the time on such short notice! She has asked that same exact question for several months after that and I kept giving her that same answer………I’m new at this whole “step parenting” thing….well at least “soon-to-be step parenting” thing! Lol…Anyways…….after his mother passed on, we had we live with us in our little 2 bedroom apartment so we can make sure she goes to school every school day and gets home and does her homework! She was allowed by gramma to skip school and made her gramma put her in home schooling which was the biggest mistake of her life cause she refused to do her work at home as well as at school! Her dad put her back in school and she is now doing really wonderful! She is making straight A’s and doing what she is told by her father…..but here’s the kicker……she doesn’t listen to anything I say to her nor does she do as I ask or tell her to do at 16! I tell her to clean her room and she just gives me that blank stare…rolls her eyes (which she know I can’t stand that), and throws her hands down to hit her hips! You know…that attitude thing kids do now days! He tells her to do something she gets her butt up and does it with no hesitation at all whatsoever!!! I tell him what she does and how she does it and all he can say is that “I’m not her mom”….which boils my blood!!! But yet he tells me that if I want her to respect me that I have to respect her too…….I do everything around this place for them both that I don’t do anything for myself anymore since she moved in! I cook at least 5-6 days a week for them, I clean the apartment myself, it’s my vehicle that gets her back and forth to school when it’s raining here, we both make sure she gets what she needs to survive such as toiletries, body wash, shampoo and conditioner and her personals! Yes he pays his bills which include the electric, storage for all his mother’s stuff and food……while I pay all the rent, insurance on my vehicle, my phone payment, internet and still made sure she had a good Christmas!!! She has also told us both that she only loves the people who buy her what she wants………..her dad allows this behavior from her too! I’m sick and tired of being told that I never do anything around here when I’m the only one who DOES do anything around here! They both stay on the laptops/phones all damn day and night til about 3-4 am…….I’m tired of going to bed alone, I’m emotionally and physically drained of all this crap from them both! I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but a little help and appreciation would be greatly appreciated on my end!!! I never had an issue with her moving in cause her father really did need to step up and be the parent, but when I get told that I’m not her mother and I have no say so in this household, then that makes me feel like I’m only here to please them, not to be loved! He also told me the other night that I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a parent cause I didn’t raise my own and that I had someone else raise them for me! He knows that was not the case….Yes I gave my 2nd son up for adoption…I had no other choice due to all the pressure I was under not to mention the stress levels were outrageous, and my first born (at 7 years old), got taken from me by my controlling ass mother who never wanted me to be a mom in the first place for my son! She got legal guardianship of him, but I still got to do whatever I wanted with him when I wanted to! God forbid if I mention to him that he wasn’t the one raising his kids…….”he had someone else do it for him”! He would have gotten violent at that point so I just kept my mouth shut!!!…!!! He says very hurtful things to me in front of her and don’t even give shit if she sees it or not! She is turning out to be exactly like him and they both know it, which is very very sad!!! She has also mentioned that she wants a man to be just like her daddy…….she flicks her hair when he’s talking to her like a girl at her age would do to a crush which pisses me off!!!!! It makes me wonder sometimes ya know?!? Any words of advice???

  7. Are you telling us that the child is the one who picks the relationship? I think we all have to beg to differ on that one!

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