Summer Parenting Hacks

32 thoughts on “Summer Parenting Hacks”

  1. So you’re telling me that when I go to buy ice cream, in order to prevent leaking, I just take out the ice cream, shove a marshmallow (that I ALWAYS CARRY AROUND) into the cone, then put it back……..just let it drip and eat fast

  2. As a kid I really liked the feeling of the hot metal. So instead of avoiding it, I just put it on my thighs or arms. Felt really good.

  3. no wonder no one watches this channel…with suck crappy “hacks” you guys better quit buzzfeed.
    spray water on seatbelt metal…cant even take you seriously.

  4. But.. if you hide your stuff in a diaper some well-meaning stranger mind see it and throw it away?

    And who touches the metal on seat belts anyway? Just hold the plastic thing and put it in. It’s not that hard..

  5. Talc has been regarded as a cancer risk. It isn’t good for your baby or the environment. The demand for it is destroying forests and habitats for the mining operations. Please consider a corn starch powder instead if you feel the need to, or go without!

  6. Also, baby powder keeps sand off of you, sprinkle baby powder on your feet before a trip to the beach

  7. 0:11 or you can bring old cleaned-out milk jugs and fill them with water from home. keep them in the car while you’re swimming, and they’ll be warmed up enough to be comfortable. then you can just use the water to wash off sand or mud.

  8. I have seen these in household hacker and grant Thompson king of random’s videos except the marshmallow one

  9. I bring baby powder to the beach.

    I have no children, and I don’t look weird puffing some kind of bomb powder on myself

  10. 1. who will carry a spray bottle everywhere?
    2. i think my mom would rather put baby powder on us rather than her feet
    3. I think not every icecream shop has marshmallow
    4. what if someone threw that diaper
    5. cupcake liner like do i even have to explain!?
    6. we’re filipinos, we have banig

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