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  1. I am a concerned dad. My son refuses to attempt to sleep with his flirtatious teacher, should I be concerned about his sexuality.

  2. Omg yes, I want a date night ALONE!!! I love my husband but I need a brake of all three of them. Ugh lol

  3. I’m literally watching this in bed with my headphones, while my hubby is sleepy. I started laghing so hard, he woke up saying “WTF was that!?”. I’m just looking at him and laghing at the same time, and he is looking at me completely clueless and confused.

  4. I have a 2-year-old picky eater. There have been nights where dinner was tortilla chips and ice cream because that’s all he would eat. At some point you’re just like ‘F it! It’s calories.’

  5. Hahahahah, I say to my sons that too much tv and tablets turn your brain into mush and that we don’t want mushy brains….

  6. Lmao, yes to the sleep when the baby sleeps advice. . . I would just stare at the baby while he slept even though I was so sleep deprived.

  7. saw you ladies pop up on an article about a soldier handling people being very noisy at the Tomb of the Unknowns. You were at the bottom of the page and your article was about swimsuits (watched totally funny) anyway the “sleep when baby does” is meant for newborns. First time Moms will tend to try and do it all. They want a perfectly clean house and perfectly done meals. (least they use to wayyyyyy back when ) The advice of sleep when baby sleeps is given to let you know that it is more important to get your sleep than to clean your floor. When your child is newborn you will not get anymore than a few hrs at a time, so best not to waste your energy on house work that can wait when you are soooo exhausted you have once again put the milk in the cupboard, best to “sleep when the baby sleeps” So it was never meant to be dragged along as the child ages and they sleep at night, it was an old term used for newborns so new moms were not killing themselves trying to do it all. …. that being said totally agree everything else and you two are freaking hilarious!!! Yeah I can relate to having an off day of not good food, donuts in the morning, Mikey D’s for lunch and Pizza party that night for dinner followed by pop and chips that night!! I was sooo sick buy my kids loved it!!

  8. I love your videos,although I got a bit confused here, the inconsistency (pun so intended! haha) with the beverages you were enjoying, mid sentence you went from coffee to champagne and back lol
    Just stick with the mimosas, ladies, we all know you love the juice of the grape xoxo

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  10. My kids favorite story to tell on me, is “Remember when we had ice cream sundaes for supper??” Yes, Yes, I remember that day. I really didn’t know what to have for supper, and I was creating memories……

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