Two Moms: We Have Very Different Parenting Styles

11 thoughts on “Two Moms: We Have Very Different Parenting Styles”

  1. Great video! I love following you from México with my bright and shiny new girlfriend! 😉 We are going to Los Angeles in a few days to fix my visa (I’m french) do you have any advice on what to do? where to stay or where to eat? 😉 Thank you for all your amazing videos!

  2. I’ve been watching them all night and now it’s 3 AM. They’re so cute and explain everything in such an elobarate, lighthearted and fun way. Especially since there are no same-sex couples with children (that I know of) where I live, it makes watching them so exiting for me!!! yes!!! It makes me want to have babies right now!!!! Please let me graduate uni first….

  3. This is my favorite episode – its is SO FUNNY LoL – And Susan is just like me hahaha — [I dont have kids of my own yet but lots of nieces and nephews and fake little siblings— i handle them all the same lol] – —I wonder where you adapted your parenting styles from?…

  4. it’s so funny Brandy thing you told you are the epitome of who I would be if I was a parent and my partner would be Susan if she was a parent crazy crazy crazy but as I look at them the blogs the blogs

  5. Hit the wrong button is a look at the Bahamas I see myself and Brandy up and down how she does things for safely and my girlfriend again soon to be my wife is always saying baby I’m not perfect like you I’m not perfect like you you have to have everything organized and have a schedule and this and that and then I see Susan of the other hand I’m like oh God that she wanted something down she loses her keys every week she locked herself out of the house maybe once a month and I just had to let her back in the house today because she walked out and forgot her keys she can’t find her driver’s license she can’t find her checkbook I’m like this is an amazing individual she has a master’s degree but oh my God she drives me crazy and how we do love them

  6. ok…the only kids I have are fur  baby’s….but our parenting of said fur baby’s were so different….endless nights of bickering….example….my boys sleep on bed with me…she freaks out because my one of cute little wonders of life kinda has to sleep on me…the other sleeps by my head …lol….my only defense to this is she knew my guys rule the house….all kidding aside big animal lover…always take a stray in…animals buy the way…not women…lol

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